Blind date Ljubliana

We are happy to present the reedit of our Urban Senses results from Mexico as our contribution to the interactive blind date “urban realities” in LJUBLJANA (by wonderland, Boštjan Bugarič and Mateja Kurir , in cooperation with MAO – Museum of architecture and design Ljubljana).
Blind date “Urban Realities” will focus on the problem of abandoned construction pits in Ljubljana.

The video presents the workshop tool “urban senses”, space perception and intervention in the context of urbanism. The workshop was already held in Mexico City and San Luis Potosi.

New aspects of movement research as a space exploring tool and the handing over of the results to the local neighborhood will be part of the updated workshop. The tool,which will be presented on the 24 th of September in the MAO (Museum of architecture and design) in Ljubliana , offers the possibility of an urbanistic, artistic exchange and sustainable development.

Thanks to Anibal Conde for the first video edit, to Patrick Jaritz for the reedit and wellvienna for the fantastic music.


© wonderland / Heide Schicht and Astghik Der Sakarian  + Markus Taxer and Patrick Jaritz

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