The workshop – tool “urban senses”, space-perception and intervention in the context of urbanism was developed by Astghik Der Sakarian and Heide Schicht .

The cooperation with Patrick Jaritz brings in new aspects of movement – research as a space exploring tool and the handing over of the results to the local neighbourhood.

Urban Senses is set up in a way that can be used worldwide as an affordable urbanistic tool, that regional “urban senses” groups get connected and create all together a global network, sharing their resources, ideas and visions.

Our platform is GIS based and offers  the possibility to collect and analyze all the components that make the inhabitants of a neighborhood feel happy in their own streets.

The tool which is presented, offers the possibility of an urbanistic, artistic exchange and a sustainable development.

until now we have regional urban senses groups in Austria, Serbia, Mexico and Slovenia 

The workshop is based on the following aspects:

– Small entities: changes are detected quickly, and can be dealt with, before dissolving into a chronicle or systemic crisis.

– Bottom up: process of this concept assures the acceptance by the inhabitants and users of the neighborhood. Often the concept is incorporated into the community and used years later, independently of the initial organization.

– Addability: a lot of small entities can be added to a larger one. The in between has to be dealt with then as a new entity.

– Repeatability: the method can be repeated easily over time: new developments can be taken into account.

The workshop was already held in Mexico City,  San Luis Potosi, Ljubljana , furthermore in Beograd. The next station will be Minsk.

until now we worked together with / have cooperations with :

  • Laboratorio Arte Alameda, Ciudad de México (mx)
  • Facultad del Hábitat, Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí (sinapsis) (mx)
  • CANTE (Centro de Artes), San Luis Potosí (mx)
  • Laboratorio condensacion (mx)
  • Faculty of architecture, University of Liubliana (slo)
  • faculty of humanities, University of Primorsk (slo)
  • HDA Graz
  • Designmonat Graz
  • neighbourhoods in the areas where the workshops were held


thank you 

  • austrian cultural forum Mexico
  • austrian cultural forum Ljubliana
  • ADA – austrian development agency for supporting us  to develop this worldwide net



some fotos of the neighbourhoods and the results:




Urban Senses



urban senses_beograd